Phone Photography Tips and Tricks

Generally, taking good pictures requires a lot of effort. Here are some pointers to help you take truly distinctive pictures with your smartphone. Smartphone photography demands the same thing as shooting good photos with any camera-an eye for producing a scene, good lighting, and a comprehension of photographic thickness.

Fed Up With Flat Photos? Add a Sense of Depth. Lots of these are fundamental checks for good photography.

There’s a lot to know about taking good photos even with a DSLR camera. A lot of people aren’t used to applying their knowledge to smartphone images but they don’t realize you can get nearly the same quality with just your smartphone! It only takes a couple of seconds to drastically improve your photos with some of these mobile photography tips. Placing the horizon in the Middle of a scene, for instance, creates a unbalanced photo, where the viewer is not sure whether to look at the sky or the ground. 

Read these five different principles of composition way to Write A Photograph: 5 Crucial Rules to Follow, and attempt to apply them on your next smartphone photograph.

The rule of thirds: place items in your images about a third of the way from the edges of the photo. Remember that your composition can enhance, whether you have a photograph which has composition, a crop that is simple can turn into a masterpiece. Among the biggest problems with mobile phones is they do not provide any optical zoom, meaning that anytime you zoom with them, you are going to get lots of distortion and noise in your photograph.

You can crop the less, although later return and editing you should do so, the much better your photo is going to look. The light which comes from a camera flash, even from your phone, can be really harsh-it creates strange looks and shadows, affect the colors of your subject, and may screw up your photo with reflections.